What does it mean to fill up your Soul Cup?

For me, filling up your Soul Cup means that you are doing things for yourself that you love.

Its the longing to take that leap of faith and answer that call that has been sitting in your heart and your soul.

It is answering the calling of all the things your true heart desires.

The things that will take you to the next level of happiness in your life or your relationship or your business.

Things that come from the magical place.

That is authenticity.

I worked for Virgin Australia and was lucky enough to meet Richard Branson.

When I met him, his energy was electric.

He is filling his soul cup every day, to the absolute brim.

You can see that in his business decision that he has made.

He had a vision and belief in himself, he followed his calling and is now reaping the rewards. 

Not just in a materialistic sense but the satisfaction that he has chosen the right path. In his life.

And when you are on the path that has been set out for you.

That is when the universe aligns itself and you can do anything!

And sure along the way there would have been MANY knock backs.

But that is ok.

You forgive and you learn and you charge on ahead. Give yourself a break. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

We learn our most valuable lessons from our mistakes.

So every day. I am learning to fill up my Soul Cup.

I am learning that the time that I am still, if that’s how I choose to fill my Soul Cup I am learning who I am.

The REAL me.

Some days it isn’t easy and I have had to literally schedule it into my calendar and set an alert.

So that it becomes a routine.

A way of life.

Something that I can share with my kids and make sure that they are filling their Soul Cups to.

Make you list of all the things that make you smile.

That make you laugh.

That make your heart sing.

They are the things that are filling your Soul Cup.

Just be your amazing, wonderful self!