Hmmm, well where do I start?

I have always known that I have had very strong intuitive feelings about people.

I have been able to read people, their feelings and thoughts. I have been able to do this from a very young age.

But, because I didn’t understand it completely and because it wasn’t the “done” thing I blocked it. I blocked the emotions. The knowing. And the belief in myself.

I was that highly emotional kid that would get upset at the drop of a hat. I took things to heart. Sometimes I cried and could never understand why?

Until recently, after I had my children the whole reading people became overpowering. 

So much so that I really couldn’t ignore it anymore.

I am not going to go on and on about it.

Lets just settle on, I am that weird friend.

The friend that can feel your thoughts and emotions.

Who can help you with your intuition.

And can help awaken the most amazing you!